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Industry News
Apple, Samsung wireless charging receiver module supplier summary
Source: Administrator    Total: 12952 Views
Wireless charging is divided into a transmitting end and a receiving end. The transmitting end includes a chip, an oscillator, a power amplifier, a coil, a PCB, a passive device, an electronic transformer, a structural member, etc.;
Time: 2014-8-21 17:32:41    Details+
Lenovo HANA empowers manufacturing companies to promote Huake Automotive into the era of industrial intelligence
Source: Administrator    Total: 13129 Views
With the rapid development of technologies such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and mobile Internet, traditional enterprises have entered a new stage of digital transformation.
Time: 2014-8-21 17:22:06    Details+
How to extend the life of industrial robots after upgrading smart factories?
Source: Administrator    Total: 13729 Views
Regular maintenance is an effective means to extend the life of industrial robots. According to the statistical analysis of 51ROBOT, a reasonable maintenance plan can increase the service life of industrial robots by 20% and reduce equipment downtime by 20%.
Time: 2014-8-21 17:08:06    Details+
Source: Administrator    Total: 11918 Views
Time: 2014-8-21 16:57:54    Details+
2018 China Manufacturing Industry Information Technology Excellent Smart Manufacturing Solution List
Source: Administrator    Total: 13603 Views
In the current complex economic context, the development of industrial manufacturing is particularly important. China's manufacturing industry has relied on manpower and price advantages in the past, but it is not easy to become stronger. The situation of "the lack of core and less soul" is difficult to change in the short term. It is also impossible to prove through the market-changing technology. China's development of intelligent manufacturing requires "own solutions."
Time: 2014-8-21 16:49:36    Details+
Intelligent data guidance, boosting industry upgrades
Source: Administrator    Total: 13378 Views
In the context of the booming Internet and big data, Tongliang has vigorously implemented the industrial revitalization strategic action plan since last year, with the guidance of big data intelligence, vigorously promote innovation-driven development, deepen the integration and innovation of big data, and introduce new generation information. The introduction of technology into the cultivation of new industries and the transformation of traditional industries has enabled the industry in the region to embark on the fast track of high-quality development.
Time: 2014-8-19 11:01:06    Details+
Industrial Fulian Subsidiary was selected as the 2018 Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
Source: Administrator    Total: 12039 Views
Industrial Fulian Subsidiary was selected as the 2018 Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
Time: 2014-8-19 10:32:27    Details+
China's industrial Internet needs to solve the problem of information symmetry and management symmetry
Source: Administrator    Total: 12060 Views
In the long run, the industrial Internet must have demand. It is a sunrise industry. In the short run, it is a problem of business management. It needs to look at how the enterprise manages and implements it. At present, Chinese enterprises have conceptual consistency in the field of industrial Internet, but the differences between enterprises are great.
Time: 2014-8-14 14:51:46    Details+
POWIN provides integrated service support for science, industry and trade
Source: Administrator    Total: 11763 Views
We have extensive experience in the field of connectors, providing customers with comprehensive solutions and technical support. We will continue to cooperate with customers in the development of new products with cost-effective products and pre-sales and after-sales support to serve our customers to win market opportunities. .
Time: 2014-8-13 15:59:06    Details+

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