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Company News
Exhibition information -2018 November 13th ~16th electronica 2018 exhibition, Messegelande,D-81823 München ,Germany
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Yilong Electronics will attend the electronica 2018 ,Exhibition inMessegelande,D-81823 München ,Germany from November 13th to November 16th, 2018. We sincerely invite you to visit Yilong Powin Electronics Booth. New Munich Exhibition Centre, C2, 110 booth. From components to systems, from applications to services, electronica exhibits cover the technology, products and processes of the entire electronics industry. Electronica pays attention to the development trend of the industry, at the same time, it provides the correct guidance for participants to locate themselves in the global electronics industry. 1. Industry 4.0, 2, automobile, 3, electromechanical/system peripherals, 4, embedded system, 5, hybrid integrated circuit components, 6, display technology, 7, electronic design ED/EDA, 8, EMS, 9, semiconductor, 10, printed circuit board, 11, test and measurement technology, 12, micro and nanosystems, 13, passive devices, 1 4, sensors, 15, services, 16, power, 17, components and subsystems, 18, wireless technology
Time: 2018-11-2 17:41:42    Details+
On Sept 26-28th ,2018,Our factory participated the India electronica and Productronica Exhibition
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Our Exhibition booth : EH63,Hall Number 4,Bangalore international exhibition Centre. Electronica India is the leading trade fair for electronic components, systems and applications in India. The fair is one of the most important industry gatherings for the electronics industry in Asia. The trade fair showcases products such as Semiconductors, Embedded systems, Displays and LED, Micro– and nano systems, Sensor technology, Test and measurement, Passive components, PCBs, other circuit carriers and EMS. productronica India :- productronica India is one of the leading trade fairs for the development and production of electronics in India. The trade fair showcases products such Semiconductor production, PCB and circuit-carrier manufacturing, Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), Surface mount technology (SMT), 3D Printing.
Time: 2018-9-27 10:07:06    Details+
Amphenol FCI leaders visit our factory
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On August,16th 2018 , Leaders of Amphenol FCI visit our factory .
Time: 2018-9-25 14:16:50    Details+
Taiji Group extends intelligence to the entire industry chain to build a smart terminal and a big health ecosystem
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The intelligent pharmacist "Tong Xiaoying" developed by Taiji Group appeared at the Zhibo Fair. With direct communication with people, it can describe symptoms according to simple and easy-to-understand phrases. Through intelligent analysis algorithms, it can quickly recommend common diseases in just a few minutes. The medication plan, and put forward health advice, "Tong Xiaoying" attracted the attention of the participants.
Time: 2014-8-19 12:02:41    Details+
Bridge connecting intellectual development technology platform
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In the prospect of strong market demand, Guangzhou Yilong was established in 2004. In order to meet the strong demand for industrial automation by production enterprises, we independently designed and developed production line robots to help manufacturers achieve industrial automation and improve industrial efficiency...
Time: 2014-8-14 9:31:59    Details+

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